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"I wish I'd had that when I was in school"
Unlocking creative potential - Giving young people a chance to explore the creative landscape with TICE Projects.
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Introducing TICE

When we describe what it is that we do at TICE, the response we always get is, “I wish I’d had that when I was at school”... so, what do we do?

We’re an organisation that gets to work with incredible individuals making remarkable achievements. It's creativity in action. Our learners have remarkable opportunities and resources helping them hone their skills, discover their passions and develop real-world creative industry know-how.
real industry insight

Learning from industry experts, building confidence, and exploring pontential job roles.

Through a TICE Project, individuals can take advantage of a unique opportunity to investigate and experiment with multiple creative practices, cultivate their competencies, and obtain firsthand practice. In addition, this is an excellent way for young people to build up their portfolio of work and receive assistance in the process.
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Learn at your own pace

Allowing time to explore a project provides an avenue for creativity to thrive.


We offer an array of video tutorials that will teach you all you need to know.


Get invaluable insight from top creatives working in today's industries.

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You're not alone!

Through a mix of online activities, employer interviews, and virtual skills development masterclasses, our projects will connect learners with experienced mentors and creative professionals who can offer guidance and support as they explore their ambitions. Our mentors can provide feedback, offer advice, and help young people develop their skills and talents.

New Projects

Brilliant Projects

I would recommend a TICE project to anyone who is interested as it benefits you in many ways. It boosts your confidence and independence whilst teaching you about the professional creative world and showing you what it is like to commit to a project. My best tip would be to just keep being creative despite any adversities and have fun with your project, choose something that interests you so that your project can fully express you.

Xuehan Zhang 

14 years old


Do it. It's extremely fun and realistic. The deadlines, the creativity. It helps you capture the real work environment by doing something enjoyable.” 

Rhys Ayson

15 years old

Very Helpful

My understanding of how the creative industry works, and the processes that projects and outcomes go under to become the final result that is presented has really grown and helped me think about what careers I may undertake in the future.

Lexi Middleton

15 years old
Frequently Asked Questions

How can we help you?

What can you offer that I cannot get at other online schools?

TICE Projects are aimed to help 14-19 year olds progress in their creative journey. We are devoted to helping young people develop, and to guide them in the right direction for their future.

By joining us, you will have the chance to benefit from the expertise of industry experts in creative, design, and digital realms. Our team and industry partners operate on the cutting edge of creative industries, constructing projects that enable you to acquire industry-relevant knowledge and experiences, and you will be given consistent guidance and support.

Do I need previous experience ?

No experience is required to get involved in our projects; we'll take you from the basics, providing you with the know-how, abilities, and information on exciting subjects.

How can I choose my project?

Our project portfolio includes a variety of creative professional opportunities for you to explore and select. Should you need any help or guidance, we are here to help.

When can I start studying ?

Anytime. Our projects are here for you to explore a subject and develop skills at your own pace.

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